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my haus. your story

i'm iwan 

as the self-published author of a fantasy series, i understand the entire writing process - from conceptualization to proofreading, content editing, design, interior formatting, marketing, sales, and engaging with fans.

at the pen haus, content creation, copywriting, and digital marketing is the art of connecting the soul of your business.

to the heart of your audience.

when i was young, books were my escape. i found adventure and acceptance in other worlds. then i discovered the power of creative writing. and how i could create worlds of my own. i’ve come to accept there’s no need to escape. there’s no greater joy than life in the moment.

right here. right now.

words still transport me. but now now they take me deeper.

they connect me.

and now i'll make them connect you.


to find out more or to discuss a potential project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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