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from research to conceptualization, copywriting to creative content, seo to technical, your boutique pen haus website is created by one person.

this means you get a one-of-a-kind site tuned into the very heartbeat of your brand and audience. when your website copywriting and design are developed together, your message and offering really connects!

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recent projects

june 2022

created for this specialist artificial intelligence firm, the challenge was to bring to life the concept of a café that serves Ai while communicating their offering in a way that is understandable.

from arranging the team photoshoot, to new brand colours, to conceptualizing the site layout, to all the copy - and the creative content - I delivered a site that is wholly authentic and that my client loves! 

may, 2022

lovingly created for this minneapolis-based potentiality coach and author, this site is the perfect balance of combining all my clients blue sky wishes with the needs of her niche audience. 

the challenge here was to distill a multifaceted offering within an engaging, on-brand platform. jeanine's feedback? "we knocked it out the park!"

september, 2020

my first ever site - my own! during the first covid lockdown in 2020, inspired to set up my new business 'the pen haus', i needed a website.

i chose black, white, and grey as a colour palette then chose wix as as my website builder.

what i love about this site is its clean, simplistic feel as well as communicating the spirit of my business. as with all my sites, what i love most about it, is that it's God-inspired.

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